Genius Chicken Feeders

Genius Chicken Coop Feeders

Some of you may have seen designs like this before…I have not and absolutely loved the idea.  These coop feeders are made out of standard PVC, and they are built so that you can unscrew the cap from the OUTSIDE of your coop/run and re-fill them with chicken feed from there.  No need to stroll through a messy run anymore!  Although these are larger feeders, I see no reason why you can’t adapt the design using smaller diameter pipes for smaller chicken coops.  If you really want to get crafty, you can even build this into the wall of your coop for easy feeding – either attach from the inside and cut a hole so that the feed cap pokes out of the coop on the outside, or vice-versa where the body of the feeder is attached to the outside of the coop and the feeder opening at the bottom gets inserted through a hole you cut into the coop wall (at whatever height is good for your birds).  Would love to hear your thoughts/comments:

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