The Best Chicken Coop Plans

The Best Chicken Coop Plans

If you stumbled upon this short post, there’s a high chance that you’re new to raising chickens and looking to construct a chicken coop on your own. Safe to say you aren’t buying a pre-fabricated one.

You made the right decision! Building a chicken coop really isn’t that hard.

But there’s one thing – you need a thorough blueprint to construct one.

This is crucial if you do not have any type of experience building something similar to this before.

There are a ton of totally free chicken coop plans on the web. The trouble is, not all of them are good enough to actually build something with.

Most of them are either way too difficult to build or are do not have enough information.

Can you really develop a coop with our plans?

You may be extremely doubtful concerning woodworking plans from the web. We completely understand. Chances are, you have already spent hours trying to find low cost, high quality chicken coop plans. And sure, there are hundreds of free “plans” readily available. BUT, after you download them, you quickly realize it’s simply a number of random pictures and/or illustrations.

No materials list, no drawings with measurements, no step-by-step guides, absolutely nothing. Simply put, NOT the quality plans you were looking for.

You don’t know what build materials to purchase, what the dimensions are to build the coop, or where to begin.¬†Unless you’re a skilled building contractor, those arbitrary pictures will not be any type of assistance.

That’s where comes in!

In our plans, we tell you specifically the materials you’ll need to complete the coop from scratch, the sizes for each section so you know how to cut your lumber,¬†followed by detailed step-by-step instructions (with images for each step) from foundation to the roof.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced carpenter, with our DIY Chicken Coop Plans you will have the best coop in town and, most importantly, keep your flock healthy and happy!

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