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Welcome to BuildACoop!  If you’re looking for simple chicken coop plans, chicken coop products, or information on raising chickens…you’ve come to the right spot!

With a little guidance, building a homemade chicken coop is easy and raising chickens can be a very fun and rewarding experience.

There are a few things you’ll need to get started though: First, a GOOD Chicken Coop Plan.  Second, the right information and knowledge on how to properly care for your flock.  After all, keeping your chickens happy and healthy is the #1 goal.

That’s where BuildACoop comes in!

Let’s cover #1 – Chicken Coop Plans.  We have good ones…no, GREAT ones, and alot to choose from. Our plans were designed by a professional and specifically meant for the DIY backyard builder.

Before finding us, you may have come across other plans to build an easy chicken coop, chicken coop kits, or may have even seen plastic chicken coops – all of which will leave you unhappy and stuck with a poorly made, cheap chicken coop.

Our coop plans are the exact opposite – they all include a full materials/tool list and easy-to-follow detailed illustrations & instructions that guide you through the build, one step at a time.  If you can make a few simple cuts with a saw and swing a hammer, you’ll be able to build one of our coops.

On to the next important item – knowing how to properly care for your chickens.  To get you started, we have 3 free info-packed guides that are filled with the important stuff that you MUST get right; like space and ventilation.  If you don’t provide enough room and fresh air for your birds, they can become unhappy, ill, and could even die.

Our Free Guides ensure you get these and many other topics right, so your flock stays healthy.  We also cover the advantages between different coop types, such as walk in chicken coops versus mobile chicken coops, which is something many newbies overlook…so please grab your free guides today!

Now that we’ve covered the essentials of getting started, we  invite you to browse the site and our blog articles to see for yourself all of the great products and resources we have to offer.  We hope we can help you become a better chicken farmer…Enjoy!

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Chicken Coop Plans

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Chicken Coop Plans

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Chicken Coop Plans

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