Chicken Coop Ventilation

This is another area you must get right to keep your chickens healthy.  Chickens produce a surprisingly high amount of moisture, heat and ammonia…much more than you would ever expect.  The science behind it is that they actually do not pee, yet they drink alot of water, which means all the liquid that runs through them gets pooped out!  This creates a high-humidity environment and if you don’t have vents to let that humidity out, moisture build up can cause a plethora of problems, from coop mold to respiratory infections in your birds’ lungs.  Their poop also contains high ammonia levels that can lead to other types of respiratory issues, so ventilation is crucial in order to keep the ammonia at a safe level.  Lastly, chickens produce a ton of body-heat, which must be able to vent out of the coop to prevent your feathered friends from overheating.

In general, your vents should be high up because all of the moisture, ammonia and heat will rise, so higher vents ensure everything can properly escape the coop.  Additionally, you want your vents above your chickens when they are roosting.  This will protect them against cold cross-breezes during the winter months and keep them from catching frostbite. All of our coop plans have strategically placed vents that provide the proper airflow and protection against the elements.